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Ninoorut Noah

Ninoorut Noah is the son of Regis Nex and Iffrita Noah, though it's speculated to be false. He is the elder brother of princess Miya.

Ninurrta is shown as being calm and well-collected, but lacks patience. When someone says something offensive towards him he is quick to lash out. Although appearing happy and polite, he is is plagued by doubts of being the Regis's son after rumors begin emerging. Ninurrta wishes for Nex to give him a father's acceptance and is hurt by how Nex never aknowledges him.

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Serin and Regis

The famous illustration of Regis Nex and Demon Serin.

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Did you know?

  • ...That Xix was originally supposed to have black hair, until Juder changed it to white.
  • ...That Regis Nex has acknowledged Xix more than Just and Ninoorut, in being his true son.
  • ...That there are currently 121 chapters released in Korea.

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