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The Abyss' Top Warrior
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Release Information
Release Date September 21, 2008

The Abyss' Top Warrior is the 1st chapter of Juder's Cavalier of the Abyss manhwa.

The Hunt

Osky confirms to Xix that the Regis Nex is in sight 

Regis Nex is on a hunt to find any traitors in nearby towns.

He orders his soldiers to kill everyone who protects the traitors because they are considered "followers"

Osky and Xix conversate and a sword pierces Xix chest by accident but he is unharmed.. revealing that he has contracted with the Devil thus being an Undead.

Xix and Osky follow Regis Nex to the Merrkaba Palace 

At Merrkaba Palace we meet a woman named Iffrita and is revealed to be the empress(wife of Regis Nex)

Xix finds a carriage barring the insignia of the emperor and he quickly attacks it but instead of the Regis being inside he has found himself in a battle with a young lady, Princess Yuan, the princess of the Serpent Clan

Yuan stabs Xix in the stomach thinking the battle has ended but Xix smiles and grabs her arm. He then kidnaps her because shes the Regis' "bitch" and he will use her to strike at him. 

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • New characters are introduced along with the previous characters from Juder's Immortal Regis, which is a prequel to this manhwa.