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The meeting that shouldn't have been
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Release Information
Release Date April 29, 2011

The meeting that shouldn't have been is the 2nd chapter of Juder's Cavalier of the Abyss manhwa.


Xix sneaks into the "Abyss" (where Regis Nex lives) with Princess Yuan by hiding under her dress

It is revealed that Xix wishes to exact revenge on Nex 

Xix kisses Yuan but is really sucking some of her blood in order for his body to heal faster because the wound from earlier is having trouble healing

Regis Nex enters to greet the Serpents Clan procession(Yuans carriage) but instantly the Regis senses that Xix is there and tries to persuade the Princess to come out of the carriage as Xix is waiting for him to get close enough to stab him

Regis slices Yuans dress off and belittles Xix attempt to assasinate him.. noting that Xix could not even control his own killing intent

Xix yells at Nex to back off or he'll kill the Princess but Nex insists on killing the princess himself.. shocking Xix

Xix defends Nex's attack from hitting the Princess by taking the blow himself... Nex insults him further calling him weak. He kicks Xix away and before he has time to stand up he is surrounded by the Regis's guards. 

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Yuan
  2. Osky (Crow form)
  3. Xix
  4. Siana (Flashback)
  5. Regis Nex
  6. Tuka


  • The title of the chapter "The meeting that shouldn't have been", may be referring to Xix's and Regis Nex's meeting for the first time.