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To hit a rock with an Egg
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Release Information
Release Date April 29, 2011

To hit a rock with an Egg is the 3rd chapter of Juder's Cavalier of the Abyss manhwa.


The Regis's guards manage to stop Xix's attack. Nex asks the boy who he is and once Xix says he is a survivor of the Banaan Clan Nex indifferently asks if there should be a reason to remember the village. Xix recalls the death of his friend Siana and the villagers from an attack led by Nex many years prior.

Furious over the Regis's indifference to his village's slaughter, Xix attempts to reach the Regis in order to fight him. While trying to push his way through the guardsmen, he is stabbed multiple times fatally but doesn't die. Nex recognizes him as an undead and tauntingly rips out the teenager's heart claiming Xix isn't without weaknesses.

After his heart is ripped out, the scene changes to an imprisoned woman named Serin, the main female lead from Immortal Regis, back in the palace. Feeling Xix's heart being ripped out, despite her imprisoned sealed status, she begins screaming which surprises the guards ordered to watch her prison. The guards comment that the seals prevent her from awakening and wonder if she has woken up. They begin talking about how she's supposedly a beautiful woman and wish to get a glimpse of her. They continue on mentioning that because of her beauty its rumored the Regis didn't kill her despite her betrayal to him in the past.

Right before they can enter her dungeon they are stopped by Prince Ninuroot who tells them that the Regis placed seals there to automatically kill any intruders who enter. They run off scared witless, when Ninurrot sees them leave, he attempts opening her prison. He manages to open the seals long enough to catch a glimpse of her, he asks outloud who she is since nobody will tell him anything about her right as the gates shut close once again. Right as the scene returns to Nex and Xix, Ninurrot finishes commenting on what could she have done to make his father, Regis Nex, imprison her.

Xix watches in horror as Nex goads over his lost heart and questions who the boy's necromancer is. Xix thinks of Siana, but doesn't share this knowledge with the Regis. Nex orders for the boy to be taken back to the castle with them and see how much longer he will last without his heart

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Regis Nex
  2. Yuan
  3. Xix
  4. Osky (Crow form)
  5. Siana (Flashback)
  6. Serin
  7. Ninoorut Noah


  • The title "To hit a rock with an Egg", may refer to Xix being an egg and Regis Nex being the rock. This metaphor was shown when the Regis defeated Xix easily.