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Blackened thoughts
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Release Date April 29, 2011

Blackened thoughts is the 4th chapter of Juder's Cavalier of the Abyss manhwa.


Empress Iffirta Noah and her father greet the wedding guests back at Merkavah Palace. Vassals and lords offer them wedding gifts in honor of Prince Ninurrot and Princess Yuan's wedding commencement. Empress iffrita and her father, Lord Jihad Noah, talk cattily of lords not offering them good wedding gifts and how they are being looked down upon despite their risen status. Iffrita asks Jihad if Navarus has been seen. His lack of presence disturbs them since they consider him an enemy. Jihad comments on rumors he heard pertaining to the older man.

Scenes changes to Navarus meeting up with a man dressed in monk-like attire on an item he wished to acquire. The man reveals the item to be a deceased teenager, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Regis Nex, and comments that a new personality had just been given to the host. The man in robes recounts that Navarus ordered three things- a male in his late teens, was a citizen of the dark, and that he would be an undead. As the man lists off these traits he continues to tear into the teenager's flesh. The man comments that the Regis was originally an undead from the Night- Earth. He mentions hearing rumors relating to Prince Ninuroot, the son of the Regis and Empress, and mentions that Navarus had probably heard the rumors as well.

It is mentioned that unlike Ninuroot's younger sister, Mithra, the boy doesn't resemble Nex and seems to only have acquired the Noah family traits. As Jihad tells her the rumors of Ninurrot supposedly being a false heir she becomes outraged and causes the guests to become baffled. She manages to brush off their concern but nonetheless she is still infuriated and concludes Navarus must have been the one spreading rumors which Jihad agrees with. Jihad mentions that the Demon General Navarus probably has more up his sleeve and they should be aware.

The Regis returns and Iffrita decides that no matter what she has to stop the rumors from reaching the Regis. Everybody pays Nex respect, he tells Yuan to go meet her husband Prince Ninuroot. Ninurrot tries to tell Nex he is pleased to find him well which Nex coldly doesn't acknowledge his existence causing the prince distress. Yan sees his sadden face and wonders whats wrong. The two formally introduce themselves, Yuan thinks to herself she should be happy but something feels wrong.

Xix is brought to the castle and is to be locked in the dungeons for further interrogating. Yuan looks back at Xix being carried out and is shown to be clearly concerned with his condition.

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  • Yuan is introduced to the Royal Palace as Ninoorut Noah's fiancée.
  • The first chapter which shows the Regis's indifference to Prince Ninurrot that begins the teenager's growing anxiety to being accepted by Nex.