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The King's Bloodline
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Release Information
Release Date April 29, 2011

The King's Bloodline is the 5th chapter of Juder's Cavalier of the Abyss manhwa.


The commencement begins, Yuan is sullen causing Ninurrot to question if she's alright. They talk and she asks if the Regis will return to the fesitivites, Ninurrot states that the Regis never particpates in celebrations.

Regis Nex is taking a bath with his maids caring for him. Iffirta visits him as he bathe discussing her pleasure of him returning home safe. As they talk one of the maids notice his wound inflicted by Xix still hasn't healed. The maids begin to panick but stop when he tells them to stop worrying. He gets out of the tub where a large scar is shown on his back that is revealed as being an old wound. He begins stomping out when Iffrita tries to stop him in an attempt to get him to pay her attention. He pauses long enough to agree with her wishes before continuing on his way leaving Iffrita to look miserable.

Nex walks through the palace until he reaches the great betrayer's prison, he opens the seals and is quick to taunt the woman for her current status. He mentions that the seals keep her trapped with her body being physically tortured and her mind stuck in an eternal nightmare, a fate worse than death he claims. He calls her the traitor of Chaos and the one who betrayed him. He viciously attacks mentioning her fate as ironic. As he draws blood from her, his wound instantly heals. He tells her that if she were to die then he would as well and that as long as he needs her blood she is his. He whispers to her that no matter if its blood or bones he would take it all for himself. This is when her name is finally revealed to be Serin.

As Nex sees Serin, Iffrita is shown sobbing in her room. Back in the basic dungeons, Osky wakes up and frees himself from his chains. He uses magic to search for Xix, the boy is revealed to be within the dungeons being whipped. Osky overhears Jihad visiting the teenager where he discusses with the guards who could have made him an undead as he takes away Xix's heart with him. Jihad wonders if Xix was created by one of the last demon clan necromancers during the Magnaix war. He plots to use this plausible information to claim the demon clan was plotting an assassination on the Regis life to take focus of rumors on Ninurrot and to get rid of General Navarus. Paying the guard to be silent Jihad leaves with the heart, Osky panics since he mentions something bad will happen if Xix isn't returned the heart soon.

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