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Demon Navarus

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Demon Serin (Daughter)
Demon Astarote (Daughter, deceased)
Siana (Granddaughter)
Ninoorut Noah (Grandson)



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Demon Navarus is the current leader of the Demon clan. He is the father of Demon Serin and Demon Astarote, and the grandfather of Siana and Ninoorut Noah . His main goal is to free his daughter Serin who is imprisoned by the Regis Nex for betrayal.


Navarus' likes to keep his appearance similar to a royal commander. The very image of his shows power and influence. He usually has a scowl on and appears serious for the most part. He wears a uniform that looks militaristic.


At one time, Navarus was a high-ranking leader and formidable presence in Chaos. Manipulative and power-hungry by nature, Navarus had no problem utilizing unethical methods to accomplish his goals. His ruthlessness is displayed throughout both series. He was also prejudiced towards undead Jae-Hyuk and thought the former human was of no importance.

Current events paint him in a somewhat sympathetic light, not only has he fallen from grace but he is desperate to save his imprisoned daughter. Even though he held no issues with placing his daughters on battlefields or manipulating them for political tides he still loved them dearly and is shown mourning the loss of Astarote and despair over his inability to save an imprisoned Serin. He also shows some hesitation in using Just due to concern the spirit will actually harm his supposedly actual grandson. Family is important to Navarus even if he isn't above using them. After losing his rank, Navarus is occasionally shown unhinged and desperate to return to his former glory. He is bitter and hostile towards Jae-Hyuk, now fashioned as Regis Nex.



During the beginning of the Second Magnanix Navarus was able to release Serin from her prison, achieving his goal, and in doing so indirectly provided the time for Osky to open a portal to escape from Caladbolg allowing Xix, Nex, and the others to run away.

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Demon Serin

The youngest daughter of Navarus. Navarus is a cunning man and was not afraid to use others to his advantage. He has manipulated Serin on a few occasions to achieve his goals. However, he does care for his daughter and is fiercely protective over her. After Serin is forced into captivation and placed under a spell to keep her immobilized, Navarus has searched fruitlessly for her whereabouts for the past decades. Navarus still uses any trick possible to try gaining her freedom despite his fall from grace. Navarus appears relieved, and slightly maniacal, to have finally found a way to assist releasing Serin from the magical seals imprisoning her.

Demon Astarote

Navarus's oldest daughter and possibly his favorite. Astarote was next in line to inherit leadership over the Demon Clan before her untimely demise. The two are never shown interacting in either series but Navarus often makes somber remarks of wishing she was still alive to help him. Her death fuels his efforts to save Serin in the future to prevent another tragedy.

Ninoorut and Siana

Navarus's grandchildren through Serin. Since Serin was on the run- after supposedly betraying Nex, her husband- while hiding her pregnancy, he was never aware of their existence.

Regis Nex

An undead created through Serin's powers. Navarus has always looked down his nose at Jae-Hyuk, Regis Nex's former identity, and thought him inconsequential. After the misunderstanding between Jae-Hyuk and Serin regarding Jae-Hoon's appearance in Chaos and his immediate takeover by Caladborg, Jae-Hyuk responds with absolute hostility whenever he encounters Navarus.

Navarus was a manipulative and conceited man who favored power and enjoyed wielding it over others. Karma came back to bite him when Jae-Hyuk was crowned Regix Nexus Nex and was destined as the ruler of the entire Abyss. After the events of Serin's supposed betrayal, Navarus has fallen from grace and wanders the realms trying to find a way to save her from the Regis. The roles have been reversed with Regix Nex often being the one to mock Navarus frequently degrading him whenever he gets the chance.


  • "Just, I have a request for you. It's quite possible that that boy really is Serin's son. If so, then please don't hurt him. You mustn't!" - Demon Navarus to Just, in Chapter 52.

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  • While one of the most powerful rulers during the time Jae-Hyuk is introduced to Chaos; his title no longer holds any power once Jae-Hyuk becomes the Regis Nex.
  • Navarus manipulates people to bend to his will. He often places blame on innocent lives to cover up his dirty deeds.
  • Navarus shows great concern over his daughter, Serin. In current times he is using Just in order to find a way of freeing Serin from her imprisonment.
  • Demon Navarus believes that Xix may be the true child of Serin. That is why he has ordered Just not to harm him.