Demon Navarus
Demon Navarus

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Demon Serin (Daughter)
Demon Astarote (Daughter, deceased)
Siana (Granddaughter)
Ninoorut Noah (Grandson)



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Demon Navarus is the current leader of the Demon clan. He is the father of Demon Serin and Demon Astarote, and the grandfather of Siana and Ninoorut Noah . His main goal is to free his daughter Serin who is imprisoned by the Regis Nex for betrayal.


Navarus' likes to keep his appearance similar to a royal commander. The very image of his shows power and influence. He usually has a scowl on and appears serious for the most part. He wears a uniform that looks militaristic.


Navarus uses people to take blame for his actions. He doesn't like to get caught in the act. He is very manipulative and bends people to his will. He holds a powerful presence out of the council, but is title has lost rank overtime. Navarus does show concern over Serin, who may be the only person he shows affection. He is uncertain about who is his true grandchild; but is wary of Just who seems to be playing by his own rules instead of following Navarus' orders.



During the beginning of the Second Magnanix Navarus was able to release Serin from her prison, achieving his goal, and in doing so indirectly provided the time for Osky to open a portal to escape from Caladbolg.

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Demon Serin

Navarus is a cunning man and not afraid to use others to his advantage. He has used Serin on a few occasions to achieve his goals. However, he does care for his daughter and fiercely protective over her. After Serin is forced into captivation and placed under a spell to keep her immobolized Navarus has searched for her for the past decade or more. Navarus still uses any trick possible to try gaining her freedom despite his fall from prestige.


  • "Just, I have a request for you. It's quite possible that that boy really is Serin's son. If so, then please don't hurt him. You mustn't!" - Demon Navarus to Just, in Chapter 52.

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  • While one of the most powerful rulers during the time Jae-Hyuk is introduced to Chaos; his title no longer holds any power once Jae-Hyuk becomes the Regis Nex.
  • Navarus manipulates people to bend to his will. He often places blame on innocent lives to cover up his dirty deeds.
  • Navarus shows great concern over his daughter, Serin. In current times he is using Just in order to find a way of freeing Serin from her imprisonment.
  • Demon Navarus believes that Xix may be the true child of Serin. That is why he has ordered Just not to harm him.


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