Jihaad Noah
Jihaad Noah



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Professional Status

Regis Nex

Personal Status



Aisha Noah (Wife, deceased)
Iffrita Noah (Daughter, deceased)
Ninoorut Noah (Grandson)
Miya (Granddaughter)
Regis Nex (Former Son-in-law)

The current leader of the Noah Clan. He is the father of Iffrita Noah and tha grandfather of Miya Noah and Ninoorut Noah.


Jihaad wears a long black gown with a decorative belt in the middle giving hima priest-like appearance. His hair is long and white and forms into a beard. He has large pointed ears and two horns on his head.


Jihaad is calculative and always aware of what is happening behind the scene. He maintains a level head when talking amongest colleages. Jihaad has great persuasive skills and is easily able to make people his scrapegoats. He grows concern when rumors begin about his grandson, Ninoorut, not being the true heir to the throne.



It is been revealed that Navarus has currently imprisoned Jihaad under orders from Regis so that he would not interfere with the Queen's execution.

Powers & Abilities


Demon Navarus

Jihaad used to work under Navarus until him and Iffrita manipulated their way into the Regis's good graces. Jihaad used Navarus' plan for Iffrita to seduce the Regis against him in order to gain more prestige. Jihaad orchestrated the series of events that led to Navarus's daughter, Serin's, imprisonment.

Iffrita Noah

Jihaad's daughter. Both confide in each other and Jihaad tried his hardest to hide the memories of his wife's execution from Iffrita. Once discovered they both work together to make the Demon Clan Head Navarus fall from grace and to take the power for themselves. Now father and daughter worry that the Regis will soon learn of their dealings in helping to imprison Serin. 

Ninoorut and Miya Noah

His grandchildren. Jihad spends little time with them, his intent is on maintaining the Noah's family title.


  • "The demon bitch was pregnant while on the run.I knew this fact before she was caught and dealt with it personally." - Jihaad Noah to Iffrita Noah, in Chapter 13.

Chapter Appearances


  • One of Navarus's confidents. Jihaad betrays Navarus trying to ascend the totem pole of power.
  • Iffrita voices to Jihaad all her concerns about the kingdom's gossip of Ninoorut not being the true crowned prince.


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