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Vision Mala

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171 cm (5'7")

Professional Status


Vision Mala is one of the last prophets of Chaos.

Originally an enigmatic woman with little back-story when first introduced in Immortal Regis, now she chooses to work alongside Owen in helping Regis Nex preserve the kingdom from Caladborg's corruption.


Mala has an elegant appearance with her hair tied up in a bun with butterfly accessories cascading down throughout her hair. Her dress is similar to a courtesan with her corset top and black pants. Her corset top has butterfly insignias on her upper arms.


Mala is very direct and to the point, an example is her telling Owen to quit being a baby about using him to make her fortune reading abilities available. She appears elegant, but has a temper when someone interferes with her task. She is open about sexual encounters, due to these encounters being the only way she can use her powers. She is loyal to Regis Nex, and has a close ally (somewhat intimate) relationship with Owen.

She is shown to have a biting sarcastic sense of humor.



Powers & Abilities


She is one of the last prophets who remain in Chaos. Mala can only use her powers clearly while in intimacy.



The two are allies and appear to care about one another as friends. Mala uses Owen repeatedly to read fortunes which annoys him since he likes Professor Muhan (Mistress Infinity). However, the two have worked together since events in Immortal Regis, so there is confidence between the two.

Regis Nex

Works as an employee of sorts for him and sometimes tells him fortunes she sees.

Miya Noah

Mala is deliberating over taking her as an apprentice since the girl has an intuition ability that is similar to some of the vision clan abilities.


  • "No, I have a bad premonition about this. I'll have a fortune to tell." - Mala to Owen, in Chapter 7.
  • "But I can only read fate and warn, it's impossible for me to take his place."- Mala thinking of Heklaroth, in Chapter 14.

Chapter Appearances

Mala first appeared in Immortal Regis (ch.19) as somewhat of a minor character, since she only appeared once, but in recent events in Cavalier Of The Abyss it is proved otherwise.


  • She can only use her powers during intimate encounters (sex).
  • Works with Owen, who cannot stop her advances when she uses him to read a fortune.