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Mikhail Noah is the cousin of Iffrita Noah. He may be the father of Ninoorut Noah. However, this is confirmed false as Ninoorut is an undead like his father.


Mikhail and Ninoorut have extreme similarities in looks. However, Mikhail's clothing style is different. Mikhail wears clothing similar to a a snowboarder, while Ninoorut dresses as a well-polished warrior. He wears goggles around his neck which could serve as a fashion statement since he doesn't appear to have a need for them.


Mikhail has a quiet demeanor and has extreme loyalty to his cousin Iffrita. Mikhail has loved Iffrita since the time they were children which he tries to keep hidden. Iffrita discovers that he secretly loves her and uses this to her advantage in trying to become queen. He falls into her trap since in his love he is willing to sacrifice his happiness to follow her wishes.



It is revealed that Mikhail died during the Magnanix in a battle with the Night Clan.

Powers & Abilities

Mikhail Noah

Mikhail's dragon form.

  • Arc Shield: A magic shield.
  • Noah Clan Bleasing: A bleasing that can be invoked only by the most powerfull of the Noah Clan, which temporarily bestows unmatched invulnerability and strenght.


Iffrita Noah

His cousin, the two had been inseperable as children, but after Mikhail learns the truth of his aunt's death he leaves since he refuses to lie to Iffrita. Mikhail considers himself as Iffrita's knight and has tried to keep his love hidden from her. Iffrita figures out his feelings towards her and uses them to her advantage. Mikhail is willing to cast aside his happiness for Iffrita's, despite the pain this causes him. Iffrita promises that her first child would be Mikhail's.


  • "There hasn't been a moment since I met you, that I haven't been your knight" - Mikhail to Iffrita, in Chapter 42.
  • "You know my feelings, yet you ask me to help you become another man's wife!" - Mikhail to Iffrita, in Chapter 42.

Chapter Appearances


  • Confirmed he is not the true father of Ninoorut Noah due to his status of being an undead.
  • Iffrita tells Mikhail that her first child will be his, however this seems to have not come true.
  • Mikhail leaves Iffrita's home in their youth trying to hide his growing affection.
  • Mikhail becomes disturbed in the changes in Iffrita's behaviour.


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