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Mikhail Noah

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Mikhail Noah is the cousin of Iffrita Noah. He was thought to be the father of Ninoorut Noah. However, this is confirmed false as Ninoorut is an undead like his father, Regis Nex.


Mikhail and Ninoorut have extreme similarities in looks. However, Mikhail's clothing style is different. Mikhail wears clothing similar to a a snowboarder, while Ninoorut dresses as a well-polished warrior. He wears goggles around his neck which could serve as a fashion statement since he doesn't appear to have a need for them.


Mikhail has a quiet demeanor and has extreme loyalty to his cousin Iffrita. Mikhail has loved Iffrita since the time they were children which he tries to keep hidden. Iffrita discovers that he secretly loves her and uses this to her advantage in trying to become queen. He falls into her trap since in his love he is willing to sacrifice his happiness to follow her wishes.



It is revealed that Mikhail died during the Magnanix in a battle with the Night Clan.

Powers & Abilities

Mikhail's dragon form.

  • Arc Shield: A magic shield.
  • Noah Clan Bleasing: A bleasing that can be invoked only by the most powerfull of the Noah Clan, which temporarily bestows unmatched invulnerability and strenght.


Iffrita Noah

His younger cousin, the two had been inseparable since childhood but after Mikhail learns the circumstances leading to his aunt's death he leaves the Noah household claiming he is unable to lie to Iffrita. Mikhail has harbored secret feelings towards Iffrita's and fashioned himself as her knight in an attempt to stay close to her but keep his love undetectable. Unfortunately, Iffrita discovers his romantic feelings and in her newfound insanity chooses to use him in her plot of revenge against the Demon Clan and obsession with Regis Nex.

Iffrita manipulates Mikhail into assisting her with her revenge by seducing him into having sex with her claiming her first child would be his if he were to help her get the throne. He is shown both disturbed and upset by her announcement but loses himself in the heat of the moment and agrees to her demands. Sadly for Mikhail, Iffrita's promise came true but he dies off-screen due to unforeseen circumstances and his child ends up being a stillborn. There is a brief moment after the baby's passing where Iffrita apologizes to Mikhail for everything that happened before fully embracing her decision to use Serin's child as a means to get noticed by Regix Nex. Before this, even Mikhail's child was unsafe from Iffrita's madness, she had planned to pretend Mikhail's baby was actually Nex's and barely showed hesitation in using the baby as a prop. Ninuroot does serve as a painful reminder of her lost child since the horns implanted on him were taken from Iffrita's and Mikhail's stillborn son.


  • "There hasn't been a moment since I met you, that I haven't been your knight" - Mikhail to Iffrita, in Chapter 42.
  • "You know my feelings, yet you ask me to help you become another man's wife!" - Mikhail to Iffrita, in Chapter 42.

Chapter Appearances


  • Confirmed he is not the true father of Ninoorut Noah due to his status of being an undead.
  • Iffrita tells Mikhail that her first child will be his. Tragically, after Mikhail's death, Iffrita was shown pregnant and appeared happy at the thought of raising their baby despite sadness over Mikhail's passing. Iffrita was already losing her mind and when her baby is born stillborn she finally snaps after losing Mikahil and their child.
  • Mikhail leaves Iffrita's home in their youth trying to hide his growing affection.
  • Mikhail becomes disturbed in the changes in Iffrita's behavior.