Miya Noah

Miya Noah

Regis Nex's Daughter




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140 cm (4'8")

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Regis Nex

Personal Status



Regis Nex (Father)
Iffrita Noah (Mother, deceased)
Ninoorut Noah (Half Brother)
Chae Jae-Hoon (Uncle)
Jihaad Noah (Grandfather)
Siana (Half Sister)


The Blessing of Noah
Negative Magic (Possibly)
Undead Abilities

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Miya Noah is the daughter of Regis Nex and Iffrita Noah. She is the younger half-sister of Ninoorut Noah.


Miya is made to look like a pampered princess with her prissy habits and how she orders Xix around. She looks similar to a young Jae-Hoon. Miya favors her father, Nex, in facial characteristics. However, from her mother she has two horns on top of her head that cause her hair to look like like little pigtails sprounted from the horns. Her hair is brown (some images displayed as pink) and she has soft-colored red eyes. Her clothing seems to favor japanese elementary school uniforms.


Miya has an inquisitive personality and likes to investigate into matters that interest her. She tries to act tough in front of adults, but with her small statue and weak body she does little in invoke fear. She wonders about her parents: her father (Nex) pays little attention to his family and her mother (Iffrita) pinds for attention from her husband that she adores. Miya has a better relationship with her brother, Ninoorut, who does everything possible to keep her safe. Miya disobeys her parents often, and claims that as a princess she will not get punished too serverely. She can act like a brat at times, which is displayed in how she likes to order Xix around. Like most children her age, she will do everything possible to attain whatever she seeks, but uses the excuse of being a princess on why she shouldn't be punished to Xix. Although friendly and seeming carefree, she is rather lonely without her parents' attention and not being around children her age.

Her companions are shocked to discover her true age due to her small stature and childishness. With all the horrible ordeals of watching her mother's execution and Ninoorut's attempted suicide, Miya is forced to mature overtime. Miya appears happy to discover she may have the ability to provide prophesies since Iffrita often dismissed Miya claiming she wasn't special.



Powers & Abilities


Regis Nex

Miya loves and respects her father more than anyone, and Nex feels the same toward Miya. Although she loves her father, Miya worries that her father does not feel the same, and thinks of her as a nuisance. She believes its because of her weak health, a notion that Nex disproves when he personally leads the rescue operation to retrieve her after she is kidnapped by members of the Night Clan, personally fighting off her kidnappers in order to bring her home safely.

Miya's relationship with Nex becomes strained when she finds out that Nex is planning to execute Iffrita (something Nex had previously denied after she confronted him about it), causing her to lose her trust in him.

Iffrita Noah

Miya loves her mother very much despite the fact that Iffrita was always cold to her, focusing all of her affections on Ninoorut instead. Despite their strained relationship, Miya still cared for her mother and was horrified to learn that Nex planned to publicly execute Iffrita. Miya is devastated by Iffrita's execution.

Ninoorut Noah

Miya cares for her brother deeply and spent most of her time with him. She often turned to him when she had a problem, rather than her parents. When Miya was kidnapped, Ninoorut was quick to offer aid in the mission to recover her, alongside Nex, despite numerous injuries inflicted from a previous battle. Yuan had to physically restrain him from pursuing the culprits.

After Ninoorut leaves the castle to join the Night Clan, they have a brief reunion where Miya questions whether he still cared for her. Ninoorut is quick to comfort her and inform her that despite everything that happened she is still his dear little sister. Later on, she learns during the battle between Nex and Caladborg that Ninoorut's true name is "Xix" and he is the son of Nex and Serin, making him her half-brother.


Miya had a slight crush on Xix after he rescued her but knew he would never reciprocate since it was becoming obvious he was developing feelings for Yuan. She still established a close connection with him and assisted him in his efforts as a friend.


Miya's half-sister and the first born daughter of Nex and Serin. Neither girl was aware of the other's existence and Miya was shocked to discover during the battle between Nex and Caladborg that her assumed brother Ninoorut was actually the true "Xix" and was the twin brother of Siana making them both her half-siblings.



  • Miya was the only confirmed child of Nex for the longest time.
  • She possibly suffers from conditions similar to Nex's brother and her uncle, Jae-Hoon.
  • Miya doubts that her father loves her, but Nex is quite aggressive to her kidnappers once he confronts them.
  • Nex provides her with his blood whenever she grows ill showing that he does have concern for his daughter.
  • Xix cured Miya of her illness by drinking his blood.
  • May have the gift of reading fortunes. Mala is surprised while talking with the child of her intelligence with the gift.
  • It is strongly hinted that Nex only slept with Iffrita due to loneliness and desperation to forget Serin. While he loves Miya, the teenager is aware that this affection does not extend to her mother.


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