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Emblem of the Serpent Clan.

The Serpent Clan is one of the highest ranking clans of Chaos. The clan is currently being led by Yongje Yeonoh.


The clan is one of the original six high ranking clans of Chaos.

At the beginning of Immortal Regis the clan has a bad relation with the Demon Clan, after Demon Astarote killed the Serpent Clan's previous head, and injured his heir, leaving the clan in the hands of Yongje Bihyung.

The two clans come to a understanding after the awakening of Caladbolg and cooperate in supporting and saving Chaos.

After the Magnanix, the clan still retains its high status and governs its own region of Chaos.

When Second Magnanix began the Serpent is one of the few areas that have not been taken over by the Night's invasions and is currently resisting the Night attempt to conquer their territory.

The Night later declares its intention to destroy the Serpent Clan as it is the only place that has not surrendered to Caladbolg.