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Night Clan's Princess




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155 cm (5'1")

Hair Color

White (Formerly)

Eye Color


Professional Status

Night Clan


Ninoorut Noah

Personal Status



Demon Serin (Mother)
Regis Nex (Father)
Ninoorut Noah (Twin Brother)
Miya (Half Sister)
Xix (Presumed Brother)
Demon Navarus (Grandfather)
Chae Jae-Hoon (Uncle)
Demon Astarote (Aunt, deceased)


Negative Magic (Possibly)
Undead Abilities


Book of Weapons

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Siana Nexus is part of the Night clan. Several individuals refer to her as the Night Clan's princess due to her close relationship with Caladbolg. She was saved long ago from death by Caladbolg and made into an undead. She is the daughter of Regis Nex and Demon Serin.


Siana shares several features similar to Serin: purple hair, green eyes, and cat eyelid designs next to her eyes. Siana is shown having white hair similar to Xix growing up. As a child she wore a long beige dress, but as a teenager she wears a bikini top covered by a hoodie(with some design in the inner layer) and short shorts with ripped kneehigh stockings. There is a scar down her torso from where her heart was removed. Siana always wears a cheshire grin.


Siana is a bubbly young woman who has a childish demeanor, she is rather immature. While she is shown mostly as playful, Siana may not be completely mentally stable. After Ninoorut freezes the soldiers meant to bring him back to the castle, Siana laughs at how their blood has been frozen solid. When Ninoorut tries to kill her, she finds the situation more amusing and doesn't display any form of terror. As a child she has a sadistic, darker side which she keeps hidden from Xix. As an adult, she likes to taunt and play around. She plays with Ninoorut's fear of rejection, yet shows compassion after Nex abandons him. She refers to herself as an abandoned cat and likes to tease her opponents. She can be either childish or switch to sadistic. While a young Siana shows concern when necessary, older Siana looks into details as though life is a game. Siana likes to smile in a way similar to the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland.

In the flashback, a young Siana is often tormented by the other children in the village. She had a kind heart, but the village's cruelty often made her bitter with resentment. She is conflicted between whether she is evil or good, and did not truly want others to suffer.

Despite the flaws of her character, Siana is nothing but a wounded child with deep scars from her past. She has chosen to hate her father for massacring her village despite knowing that her actions left him no choice due to the fact that she did not have the courage to admit that she caused the contamination of her village. It is this vulnerable and selfish side of her that allows Caladbolg to manipulate her for his purposes by using her against her parents.


She was carried by a fleeing Serin to Banaan Clan as an infant and left in the care of an elderly woman. Siana grew up shunned by the other villagers for being "the witch's daughter," the only one who showed kindness to her was Xix, her best friend. Due to the other village children's cruelty she did not go into town often and turned hostile whenever they appeared before her. Siana tried to care for her ill grandmother and Xix often helped her. The two dreamed to leave Banaan Clan where they would travel to the capitol. Siana would play the role of princess/traveler and Xix proclaimed himself her knight.

These dreams were never realized as Regis Nex and his royal knights slaughtered everyone in Banaan Clan under the false belief they hid a Night Clan member-Caladbolg. A knight managed to sneak up on the oblivious children and struck down Xix along with Siana. Desperate to save her friend she began having visions of her infancy when Serin fled with her and happily mentioned to baby Siana how she loved her. Siana then sees another image of Serin resurrecting Siana's father- Jae-Hyuk. Witnessing Serin's power fuels Siana's drive and she unlocks her hidden necromancy powers to revive Xix. Sadly, Xix in his state of madness attacks the wounded Siana and tears out her heart to replace the one stabbed by Nex's knights. Xix is devastated as he sees the deceased body of Siana. Right as he collapses in anguish Caladbolg appears and states she is an undead once he realizes she still lives. Sensing that Siana will prove a useful pawn he kidnaps the child and creates a clone of her so that her mind can continue thriving.


Brief flashbacks of Siana are shown in Xix's memories. Usually, she is displayed covered in blood, without her face being revealed.

In Volume 8, Siana makes a full appearance. She stumbles upon a fleeing Ninoorut, who was running away from the blood ceremony, and kidnaps him. While fleeing with Ninoorut on dragonback, Nex and his men try shooting her down as she begins to destroy the kingdom's barrier. She proves successful, but eventually her dragon is injured so the two runaways land in a nearby field. Ninoorut awakens first and attempts to kill an unconscious Siana. However, she is more amused by his actions and tells him he will not kill her since he lacks a murderous intent. Her attention is refocused to her dying dragon, she uses necromancy to allow the dragon to die peacefully (Ninoorut is astonished by this). She begins to toy with Ninoorut on being "abandoned" by Nex, Ninoorut begins to power up to attack her, but their attention is drawn when Nex's soldiers show up to take back Ninoorut dead or alive. The soldiers are ruthless and chose to kill Ninoorut; he finally breaks knowing his life has been deemed meaningless by Nex. Siana is tickled with how he releases an ice attack that freezes the enemies down to their dripping blood wounds. She pokes fun at him again on Nex; he is infuriatied and proceeds to use an ice attack on her. However, Ninoorut is shocked when Siana stops teasing to comfort him in his sorrow. She convinces Ninoorut to join her as a member of the Night Clan.

Siana takes Ninoorut to Earth where he meets Caladbolg. Ninoorut is shocked by her mannerisms towards the demonstone and questions why she is in good relations with him. The girl tells him that they all act as comrades and family with one another; a fact that Ninoorut looks on with slight resentment remembering how Nex rejects him. Siana shows Ninoorut the loops of the organization and welcomes his company. She also begins treating him as another member of the family along with her and Caladbolg. During a gathering between the three, Caladbolg discusses his worries over his fragment not being unsealed in the Serpent Kingdom and how he keeps losing clan members. Siana jumps to the opportunity to help him since she is well-known for her stealth missons; Caladbolg promptly rejects her and she lashes out in anger. Ninoorut sets out to find her and catches her in the act of transferring back to Chaos, he is unable to stop her.

Siana uses too much energy and winds up in the Serpent Kingdom severely injured where she is found by Just. Just takes her back to his room and begins tormenting her in a slightly sexual manner (licking her face, tying her up, etc just to get a reaction). Siana struggles against him but is too injured to put up much resistance. The demon manages to knock her out and begins shifting through her memories since he finds her interesting.

Volumes 10 and 11 begin to present Siana's childhood history in a town where she grew up with Xix. Siana was often shunned by other children in the village, who believed she was the witch's daughter. Thus, she grew up with only Xix as a companion. Sometime later, she encounters a vagrant Caladbolg and hides him in her home and feeds him. Caladbolg plays on Siana's sadness and lack of knowledge of her parenthood, and convinces her (albeit with difficulty) to join him and the Clan of the Night. When Xix, who remains clueless about her impending departure, happily tells her that he will be leaving with Mistress Infinity to train to become a knight in the capital, Siana breaks down into tears in expressing her regret. However, when the infected Linne moves to attack Siana in front of the visiting Regis Nex and his command of troops, Nex quickly moves to destroy the whole town and stop the Clan of the Night's infection, believing that the town had knowingly hid members of the Night Clan. Siana and Xix then hastily escape into the woods; as the two cross a bridge on the outskirts of town, Siana is shown to have realized the consequences of her actions, and apologizes to Xix, only for that small delay to allow both of them to be struck down by the pursuing knights. In the wake of a mortal wound that Siana incurs from protecting Xix, she has a vision of her mother Serin. Subconsciously awakening her necromancer powers, Siana then contracts with the deceased Xix with a kiss (similar to how Serin formed a contract with Jae-Hyuk) before passing out. Sometime later as Xix awakens, Xix kills the knights and then turns on Siana, ripping her heart out. When Xix finally regains control of his senses Siana is presumed dead. Xix swears his vow to kill Nex, while he is sidetracked due to his grief, Caladbolg makes an appearance and pronounces that Siana is still alive and is intrigued by her undead characteristics. The boy attempts to save her but Caladbolg had already gotten away with her.

After returning to Earth with Siana's lifeless body, Caladbolg places her body in a tank that will preserve her, while at some point making a clone of her. Whether or not the personality that is exhibited by the clone is actually Siana's is still uncertain.

In the present, before Ninoorut sets out to find her, Caladbolg shows him her actual body and reveals her parentage, much to the shock of the Prince. Caladbolg adds that was why he became interested in bringing her back to Earth since he knew she was his niece. After this revelation Ninoorut is determined to find her. As Ninoorut questions her upbringing he is astonished by her likeness to Serin who he hadn't put the two and two together and realizes how similar in appearance they are.

As Ninoorut journeys to find her, Siana is still kept as a hostage by Just. The turncoat begins thinking of Siana in a somewhat romantically interested manner. Whenever he thinks of Siana he remembers how he likes her smile and finds her rather interesting; he is deadset on rescuing her.

Powers & Abilities

Siana is a powerful member of the night as well as a powerful necromancer. Bi-Hyung has mentioned that she is a necromancer on the same level as Serin.

  • Necromancy: She uses it to allow her dragon to die peacefully. Siana is alive despite her heart being ripped out thanks to her necromancy abilities. Her first demonstration of her necromancer powers occurred when she resurrected Xix as their town was attacked by the Regis Nex and his knights. Nevertheless, she could have demonstrated other variations of her powers in her childhood, which may have led to the other children calling her the "witch's child."
  • Book of Weapons: A magic binder, that used with a Ghost Fire recreates the weapon printed on the books page.



Xix... is just Xix.

—Siana, about Xix

They were childhood friends growing up. The two had a strong bond and frequently spent time together. Xix was the only child in the village willing to play with her and never saw her as anything other than "Siana." A vast difference to the other children calling her "the witch's daughter" behind her back. Xix appears oblivious to these snide remarks regarding Siana. The two appeared to have a crush on one another but neither had the confidence to make the attempt on revealing their feelings. During the Banaan Clan Massacre, Xix was struck down by one of the soldiers and Siana called upon her powers to save him. Unfortunately, she was a rookie and wasn't aware of the consequences of reviving an undead. A resurrected Xix attacked Siana unknowingly and stole her heart killing her. When he came to he was under the assumption she was killed by Nex's soldiers and vowed revenge.

Years later, when they're reunited they're on opposing sides and are coming to terms with the knowledge the other is still alive. Siana finally has a chance to confront him and demands to know why he killed her before breaking down in sobs. Xix begins to question Siana's importance to him and feels that there is more to their relationship on why he feels compelled to act as her knight. When Xix learns the truth about their village Siana was too ashamed to even look in him the eyes. Towards the end of the series, Xix is revealed to be a star who wanted a mortal life, Serin is revealed to be the one to grant him this wish and they form a pact where "Xix" becomes her son. According to their contract, Xix loses his memories but still unconsciously follows the terms of protecting Siana per her mother's request. Xix cares for Siana but comes to acknowledge his feelings are not romantic.

The authors left several misleading clues on the possibility that Xix is Siana's brother which are proven to be false.

Ninoorut Noah

Is it impossible for someone else to replace him in your heart? For example... What about me?

—Ninoorut, to Siana

Siana's is Ninoorut's missing twin sister but neither were aware of the other's existence. Their first meeting started on a humorous note with Siana kidnapping him while he was fleeing from the Seal test ordered by Regis Nex to prove who was his true heir. Siana was initially his enemy since she was part of the rebel group, Night Clan. During Siana's kidnapping her dragon was struck down by Regis Nex hurdling the two down to the ground and knocking them unconscious. Ninoorut awoke first and was in the process of killing her when he was halted by Siana commenting that he should stop since he didn't appear to want to go through with it. Siana wastes no time messing with him when they're ambushed by Nex's guard. The guards inform Ninoorut that Nex ordered for him to be returned 'dead or alive.' All the negative emotions bottled up regarding his legitimacy finally cause Ninoorut to explode annihilating the guards. Feeling overwhelmed by everything happening recently, Ninoorut has an emotional breakdown causing Siana to take pity on him and comfort him. Initially repulsed by her 'pity,' he realizes she is showing him sympathy so he allows her to comfort him. Siana comments that the two are similar in nature which Ninoorut appears confused about.

After showing him kindness and having nowhere else to go Ninoorut agrees to Caladborg's offer and joins the Night Clan thus earning himself the moniker "Traitorous Prince" back home. Overtime he begins to grow interested in Siana and begins asking questions on her identity. Caladborg reveals that Siana is Regis Nex and Serin's missing daughter thus making her a princess. During this time in the story, Ninoorut is under the assumption he is an illegitimate heir and starts to develop attraction to Siana not knowing that there is more to their relationship. Siana only sees Ninuroot as her beloved brother which bothered him initially. Caladborg most likely informed Siana about the past circumstances of Serin's fleeing while pregnant so she has knowledge on the possibility Ninuroot is a candidate to be her brother.

When Ninoorut attempts suicide after Iffrita's death, Siana breaks down in hysteria and starts to attack Nex demanding to know why he treated his son that way and attempted to kill his daughter, despite the fact that both incidents occurred because of her actions aiding Caladbolg and helping the Night. When Ninoorut revives as an undead, Siana comes to realize Ninuroot is her twin brother. After Serin intervenes in the battle between Nex and Caladborg, they flee back to the Night Clan. Ninuroot has lost his memories and regressed to a childlike state causing forcing Serin to spend her time taking care of him


The two share strong familial resemblances and later chapters reveal Serin is her mother. Siana's heart is within Xix and after Nex stabs Xix in the heart Serin is shown screaming proving their connection. Another incident involves a young Siana being stabbed by Nex's soldier where she sees glimpses of Serin fleeing with her as a newborn. While Siana shares more commonality with Nex's past personality, there are subtle hints that Siana is similar to her mother in more than just looks. Both women try to hide their tender hearts by repressing their feelings by putting on public masks of appearing apathetic (Serin) and snarky (Siana). While Siana often displays her father's stubborn nature, her determination seems to stem from her mother. She has necromancy abilities, a trait inherited from Serin.

Through flashbacks, and possible cues from Caladborg, Siana has vague impressions of her mother but never truly knew what Serin was like as a person. Serin is fully revived in Chapter 131 and is confronting Caladborg about his plans when the teenager is asked by her uncle how it feels to finally meet her mother. Unlike her offensive attitude and disdain upon finally meeting her father, Siana is shocked and shows signs of both disbelief and bliss to finally meet her mother whom she had only seen in glimpses. After reuniting with her mother, Siana tries her best to connect with Serin but Serin shows little to no desire of wanting anything to do with her. Serin even refuses to share a single conversation leaving Siana hurt and wondering if she is really her mother though she did tell her about the truth about her birth and why she and her brother was separated at birth.

Siana does not realize the reasons Serin acts cold towards her is because Caladborg is using her as a tool against Serin. Despite this strained relationship Serin does show subtle signs of retaining her maternal instincts as shown when she was willing to explain her origins when Siana asked and when Just announces that he has chosen Siana to be his bride, Serin was in the process of attacking him but was stopped by Caladborg. Siana does not remember that when she was born, she suffered complications and Serin was forced to form a pact with an unnamed star to save her. Injured and drugged, and recently given birth to both "Xix" (now named Ninuroot) and Siana, an exhausted Serin agrees to the star's demands on the condition that he protects Siana which he agrees to. Even though she was unable to save her children, Serin did everything possible to provide them protection while she was imprisoned.


Siana with Caladbolg

Siana adores Caladbolg since he rescued her. Both of them have childish personalities, but Caladbolg is quick to establish his role as the adult by scolding the girl whenever Siana acts impulsively. They have a friendly relationship, but Caladbolg acts as a parental/sibling figure to the teenager. (It is unknown but if Siana is Nex's daughter then Caladbolg, aka Jae-Hoon, actions make him appear as the friendly uncle).

Despite their apparent friendly relationship Caladborg is not above manipulating Siana as a pawn against her parents. He's twisted Siana's anguish over the lost of her village and self-loathing into a fuel of hatred towards Nex, the one who ordered the village's massacre, pushing all the blame to him even though technically Caladborg is the catalyst for Banaan's extermination as his corruption was intentionally spread. When Serin is finally revived in the midst of a battle between himself and Nex he is quick to use Siana as a shield to prevent Serin from attacking. All the while pretending he doesn't wish for Siana to get injured by her mother, while hiding behind the girl, stating aloud how this is the first time Siana has truly met her mother as a means of distracting the teenager. After Caladbolg returned to Chaos, Siana has shown to be quite afraid of some of Caladbolg's action despite their closeness, as he displayed signs of insanity that terrify her. In the later chapters it is clear that Caladbolg only considers Siana to be a pawn as he lets Just, a demonic beast with sadistic qualities to marry Siana, showing that she is only a tool in his eyes

Regis Nex

Their relationship is unexplored until later chapters reveal Regis Nex is Siana's biological father. Regis Nex was unaware he had another daughter through his first marriage with Serin. The two ran into each other a few times and are finally shown directly interacting when Siana has become a teenager. Siana's first memories involving Nex are not pleasant ones. Nex had come to survey the Banaan Clan upon hearing rumors Caladborg was in the area. The father and daughter make direct eye contact, Nex's intense gaze makes Siana flinch and hide behind Xix claiming the Regis seems scary. Nex is shown briefly hesitating in his observation but immediately dismisses her since he had other priorities. When a contaminated Linne stumbles in Nex's path, he orders the village to be annihilated under the assumption they were providing shelter to Caladborg. Siana watches the villagers being slaughtered and is helpless to save them. Xix tries to flee with her until certain events leads to his death. Siana taps into her necromancer abilities and saves Xix but ends up getting killed in the process. Caladborg arrives to the scene and takes her away to Clan of the Night, her father's enemy.

Years later, the two briefly have a reunion when she is in the middle of kidnapping Prince Ninuroot, not knowing both men are her relatives at this point. Nex attacks her dragon and almost succeeds in killing both teenagers. After the botched assassination from Nex's guards, Siana forms an alliance with Ninuroot and comes to see him as someone she cherishes. Several chapters later, Iffirta is killed causing Ninuroot to attempt suicide and just as it appears he succeeded his undead abilities manifest. During this brief interlude of Ninuroot reviving, Siana attacks her father and demands to know why he treated his son so hatefully and claims he has no right to be their father. While attacking him, Siana breaks down in tears and proclaim to hate him as she blames Nex for causing the destruction of the Banaan Clan and ruining her and others' lives until her tirade is stopped by Xix who points out that her feelings of anger were out of guilt for her own actions which were the catalyst of the events as she has blamed her shortcomings as a person onto Nex. Nex appears stunned by Siana's admission of being his daughter but quickly dismisses her under the assumption she is lying and instead focuses on the revelation of Ninuroot's revival.

Due to Siana being a member of the Night Clan, which is known for their manipulative tactics, Nex remains adamant she is making false claims showing absolutely no concern about her safety until Osky is able to find documents showing the events leading to Serin's supposed betrayal and her birthing the twins. After witnessing the events, Nex acknowledge there are some truths in Siana's words but still remains adamant that he was in the right for killing Banaan Clan. At the end of the manwha, Caladborg and Just team-up and announce Just has become the new Regis of Chaos. Serin and Siana are present at the announcement both appearing uneasy. Just decides to take his coronation a step further and announces Siana will become his bride to which she refuses. The manwha ends with Nex announcing he wants to save them all proving that while he remains hesitant acknowledging Siana as his kin he still believes she's someone that he wants to rescue.


A twisted spirit that enjoys disturbing others and causing trouble where he goes. His true identity is Ouroboros a snake demon that is borrowing a deceased human's corpse as a vessel. Just takes particular enjoyment in harassing Siana and finds her fascinating. Siana is shown highly disturbed with his penchant for torture and violating her mind to probe her memories. Just claims to find her desirable both due to her powers and identity as one of Regis Nex's missing children-along with her twin brother Ninuroot. Siana does not reciprocate or appreciate any of Just's advances and does everything possible to ward him off. To further show Just's callousness, he often takes pleasure in sexually harassing her much to her chagrin. At the end of the manwha, Just, with Caladborg's help, fashions himself as the new Regis of Chaos. After announcing his new title, he quickly claims Siana will become his bride to which she responds with disgust and fear, demanding to know who would want to marry him. Siana's final appearance is trying to fight off Just clutching her like a prized possession.


  • "Yeah, the same look in our eyes, like that of an abandoned, resentful cat...which is why I couldn't leave you alone." - Siana to Ninoorut after his kidnap, in Chapter 49.
  • "I'm not kind...But if Linne died because of me...I will truly become a cursed child." Siana to Caladbolg in Chapter 65.
  • "It's worse than being the witch's daughter!!" Siana in Chapter 65.
  • "Why are you making such a wimpy face again as if you're a stray cat left all alone!" Siana confronting Ninoorut in Chapter 83.
  • "Sorry...Xix..." Siana apologizing to Xix after he learns that his village was actually contaminated in Chapter 130.

Chapter Appearances


  • Siana is revealed to have necromancer powers.
  • Her heart is inside Xix, who stole it from her in a possessed state killing her.
  • She wears a one eye creature on her pinky that takes ahold of her body from time to time. Whever the creature takes control her eyes begin to cry blood.
  • The eyeball may be controlled by Caladbolg.
  • After kidnapping Ninoorut and saving him from palace monsters the two form an alliance as allies.
  • Siana shares her father's stubbornness and recklessness, while at times displaying her mother's kindness.