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Yongje Muhan was the teacher of Regis Nex, Owen, Seon Yu and Xix. Her current whereabouts are unknown, however, it is known that she changes her name often in order to disguise herself. In the past, she was known as Mistress Infinity. Originally she was one of the most powerful magicians within Chaos, and a noble of the Serpent Clan, however, currently she is seen as a traitor by the Serpent Clan for her betrayal.


Professor Muhan has dark tanned skin, light colored hair, and her most noticeable feature is her bushy eyebrows. She likes to wear clothes that keep her midsection exposed and her cleavage showing. She looks more exotic than other members of the group who are lightskinned. Most of her clothing make her appear as an 80's rocker and not in warrior gear.

In the future, she wears a cowboy hat and a jacket which stops around her bust. She is often seen carrying a black umbrella which she uses to smack people with.


She keeps a level head even in difficult situations and is one of the few people who can keep an outraged Nex in line. She holds great power, but is not overly snobbish about it. She likes to make her students complete trials and only if they accomplish them will she accept them as pupils. Professor Muhan has powers to revive dying people which she uses to heal a dying Serin. She has great knowledge of all the species and magic residing in Chaos. She shows much annoyance to the younger members of the group whenever it becomes clear they haven't paid attention in their studies. She likes to drink and poke fun at her students.



While her current whereabouts are unknown it is hinted that she is searching for something for the Regis as she was entrusted with a job that he personally entrusted to her. It is later revealed that she is searching for the Master Craftsman Mimir as she is the only one that is capable of fixing Depore.

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  • "I must be getting old...done in by a few bottles from the human world." - Muhan, Chapter 30.
  • "Haha... is that any way to speak of your dear ol' aunt?" - Muhan to Lein, Chapter 33.
  • "You should have more manners in front of a lady."-Muhan to Xix, Chapter 64.

Chapter Appearances


  • Sneezes whenever Owen mentions her.
  • Owen adores her which she brushes off as childish impulses.
  • She is quite the heavy drinker.
  • Has friends in high places and hold good prestinge.