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Yongje Yeonoh

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193 cm (6'4")

Professional Status

Serpent Clan

Personal Status



Yuan (Daughter)
Seo (Wife, deceased)
Yongje Bihyung (Brother)
Yongje Rain (Sister)
Biryuuna (Niece)

Yongje Yeonoh is the current leader of the Serpent Clan.


Yongje Yeonoh seems to be in his forties and has long black hair. He is tall with a muscled build and wears Chineses robes.


Yeonoh is stubborn in his beliefs and chooses to ignore his advisors' pleas and protect Caladborg's seal by his own methods. Though he is stubborn he is also shown laid back and enjoys picking on Xix who fears the king because of his size. Though he appears fearsome, whenever Yuan appears he drops the charade to shown his softer side as a doting father. He enjoys spoiling his daughter and the fastest way to get on his bad side is for Yuan to get hurt. The Dragon Greeting Festival willing to order an Imperial order to stop people for his daughter's hand. And intercepted over 30 proposals and erase them before asking for his daughter's hand in marriage.


Yongje Yeonoh is the eldest of the Yongje siblings. When Demon Astarote attacked and killed his father, before the events of Immortal Regis, Yeonoh was also gravely injured and leadership of the Serpent Clan was passed to his younger brother, Yongje Bihyung.

Years later, a fake body was constructed to hold his consciousness while his real body remained bedridden due to his injuries. This allowed Yeonoh, in his new artificial body, to take his rightful place as the Serpent Clan's leader.


At the beginning of Cavalier of the Abyss, he sent his daughter, Yuan to the Imperial Castle Merkava where she was to marry Regis Nex's heir, Ninoorut Noah.

He is seen guarding the fragment of Caladbolg when his daughter returns to Serpent, accompanied by Xix, Osky and Just.

Powers & Abilities

Tae-Gyuk: Yongje Yeonoh has mastered all 9 levels of the Serpent Clan martial-art. He displays this when he defeats an incursion from the Night Clan into Serpent by himself.



  • "...Why are you silent? It couldn't be...That you were deeply moved by these muscles that you've become speechless!!"- Yeonoh to Xix, Chapter 56.
  • "Go and immediately find out who Yuan's dance partner is, go where he is and erase him! How dare he ask for my daughter's hand...! And I look forward to this day every year!"- Yeonoh to the guards, Chapter 68.5.

Chapter Appearances


  • When Yeonoh believes Yuan has been asked to dance at the festival he orders his guards to run the man off since he refuses to allow any man the opportunity of sharing a dance with his daughter.
  • It is revealed in Chapter 82 that Yongje Yeonoh has been living inside of a fake "puppet" body that was designed so that he could rule the Serpent Clan despite his bedridden state.